I've developed a habit of keeping,
Of feelings bottled in and tucked away,
Silently sitting in a corner admiring from far,
In secret, this is how I love.

This is me trying to suppress.
This is me holding back what keeps resurfacing.
This is how I control the uncontrollable,
Denying what is meant to be felt,
Doubting the possibility of being enough.

Everyday I have tried to impress you,
Support you whenever you have test,
Give you courage, give you support,
Anything that can make you cheer again.

I tried to be the best girl friend you ever dream of,
I know that I won't be as same as your first,
People spread the words about us,
But I keep deny it.
For your own sake.

I always told you,
"You are handsome"
I'm not bluffing cause I'm telling the truth.
About you. Forever.

I love to see your smile,
Everyday, I was enchanted to meet you.
Either in library, academic block even in the examination hall. 

You seems so good to me.
You make I barely can breath properly.
I will stay forever love you.
Even only as your sister. 

11.01 a.m. 
9 June 2014

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