Stop Venting about your Lecturer on Social Media!


Last week 6 July, UniKL students had received their January 2018 semester results. I've received mine too and will share it on the next post.

Due to the release of the results, I've noticed a disturbing trend on Social media especially Twitter recently: people venting about negativity of their previous lecturer or campus.

The complaints are usually similar in nature: People said the lecturers are mean or she valued on certain people therefore, who's not the favourite one won't be picked in class and nothing was done about it prior the final examinations, or the results are bad due to lecturer's favoritism.

The worst part in many cases, they even gave nickname to their least favourite lecturer or even attempt to evaluate 1 without reading all the questionnaire of the evaluation. They also didn't consult with the lecturer before complain on social media. They too much take the word among their friends, without consulting their lecturers, as the unbiased truth and reality.

As a student, a child of a lecturer (my mum is an English lecturer in KYM) , a student who is close to many lecturers, I can't help but feel defensive every time I read one of these rants, and I wonder what the students hope to gain by slandering someone they don't even knew closely or someone who gave them knowledge and ability to increase their academic skills before creating their own future path. While you might get sympathy or even suggestions for coping with the problem, you risk ruining your future relationships with other lecturers or the 'barakah' of your future with will only make the situation worse, hopefully not in the long term. Plus, it makes you look like a petty gossip with no class type of student. 

Do you know that your next internship job application could require a social media background check? Oddly, mostly the students have no clue what that means. It's new and scary and probably your recruiter scours the Web for screenshots of you ranting your lecturers and subjects.

Basically, the company wants to know if you're kind of asshole who will cause legal hassles for an employer. Therefore, do you think the company will hire employer who love to rant everything on social media? Think before you write!

More information regarding Social Media Background Check.

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