Final Exams DO's and DON'Ts


When I was in semester 1 in UNIKL MICET, i still remembered that I used to focus and study very hard for every tests, quizzes and exams. Every test and quiz were like the final exams and I will eventually scored almost full mark for each of it. However, that marks is the marks that I used to see. (*copy cat Somebody that i used to know)

MashaAllah sister.Since when you've changed? Since when you're not the positive Aneesa that you used to be? 

Well people changed. I'm affected too which that statement. Obviously my face and personality showed the lazy side of me during this semester. It is not because I want to but myself AUTO-lazy whenever I need my focus. 

I still remembered during my first test which was around March 2015, I'm so pissed off with my marks. I tend to pissed off to all my girls and boys in my class because they would performed better than I do. I didn't achieve my personal goals and that was my biggest disappointment. Yep. I did that. I'm disappointed. And the same thing happened to my second test. :( Next week will be my final examination for my semester 4 and I have to do well to maintain my C.G.P.A.

Better late than never. And I still have time to changed it.

So first thing that I will ever do before and after study is....


1. Doa masa study
“Wahai Tuhanku, kurniakanlah kami kefahaman para Nabi dan hafazan para Rasul, serta ilham daripada para Malaikat yang hampir dengan-Mu, kurniakanlah kami kesihatan wahai Tuhan yang Maha Pengasih”

2. Doa lepas study
“Ya Allah! Sesungguhnya aku menitip apa yang aku baca, faham dan hafal kepadaMu. Maka kembalikanlah ia kepadaku ketika aku memerlukannya. Sesungguhnya Engkau maha berkuasa di atas segala sesuatu”

3. Doa memohon kejayaan
“Ya Allah, kami memohon daripada-Mu kejayaan dalam setiap ketentuan, tempat para syuhada’, dan kehidupan mereka yang bahagia serta kemenangan ke atas musuh”

4. Doa masa nak jawab soalan exam
“Wahai Tuhanku, lapangkanlah bagiku dadaku. Dan mudahkanlah bagiku tugasku. Dan lepaskanlah simpulan daripada lidahku, supaya mereka faham perkataanku.”

Then the first and most popular question was,

"Buat Pass Year Questions tak ? Targeted Questions?"

And because I'm so lazy I tend to print out the question and just read it so that I will understand how the format. Meanwhile I didn't target any specific topics and just read everything that lecturers said before during classes. (* DON'T EVER DARE TO SKIP CLASSES). I don't want to feel regret after exams, so I make sure I understand everything.
"Stay Up tak?"
Ya Allah, I'm not the type yang boleh stay up. So sorry but I would like to say NO. Treasure your sleep schedule dude. Sleep is very important to human being.  

"If you're blank in the exam hall, are you going to ask around?"

NO WAY. Don't cheat in your exams dude. Sekali buat, berkali kali akan buat. Furthermore, you won't get any benefit and barakah from whatever you get afterwards. Dah usaha, tawakal jelah bro. 

Well, I'm quite sleepy and doesn't feel motivated at all for this upcoming exams. Please pray for Aneesa. Hehe

My face is my face. and your face is your face. dont be a faceist.
My attitude is my attitude. and yours is yours. But good things should be follow. 
Don't you think so  ?

Can you imagine what result looks like if I don't study???

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