How to write a good grades LAB REPORT ?

Assalamualaikum w.b.t.

Today I'm going to share about How to write a good grades lab reports. Lab report is a compulsory assignments for those in UniKL MICET. It is a must score assignment as it is 30% from overall G.P.A grades. And if you follow this tips, you will get at least 80% and above for your lab reports marks.

The content that should be in the lab report is:
  1. Objectives
  2. Summary
  3. Introduction
  4. Theory
  5. Results
  6. Discussion
  7. Conclusion
  8. Recommendation
  9. References
Example sentences. (You can copy it)
The objective of the experiment Flow Ratio Plant Control was:
·         To identify the major components of the flow ratio process control system

·         To perform start up procedures systematically

·         To study single loop flow control using PID controller

·         To study flow ratio control using linear PID controller 
To make it simpler, you can just take and put objective, summarize procedure, summarize result/the important result, the summarize discussion, and recommendations.
The purpose of the experiment was ________. The experiment was start with _____. Throughout the experiment, it showed that ______ . It is because of ________. Based on theory, ______. There were few possible errors which was ___________.
The introduction is involved one page writing. Usually, I wrote in this form; 2 paragraphs. One paragraph for the objective and another for the procedure.

Basically, this experiment was about to determine _____ .
This experiment also had been divided into some parts which were ___________
The theory is involved what is the definition of certain phrases. Besides that, what results or reading that we expected from the experiment. It must be in certain range or etc.
The theory involved the experiment was _____________. Generally, ___________.
Put in table form and explain.
Example : 
Discussion should consist 7 paragraphs; Objective, Theory, Procedure,observation results, inference *why and why, based on theory, possible errors.

The purpose of the experiment was to __________
The theory of  scheme is _________.
The experiment was began __________.
Based on figure 2, the results recorded when PB was _________.
From the graph obtained, it can concluded _______.
Based on theory, the results _________.
There were few possible errors ___________.
The conclusion consist of objective, summarize discussions and possible errors in one paragraph
In conclusion, the objectives of the experiment were ________. Based on the results obtained , it can deduce that _________. This is because _____________. Therefore, it can conclude that ___________. Overall, it can deduce that __________. There were few possible errors that can occur during the experiment. Firstly, ____________. Thus, the ideal expected results could not be achieved.
It is recommended to have at least 5 possible errors. And it has to be the specific errors. Not the physical or parallax errors.
There was recommendation to overcome the possible errors. Firstly,_________. Thus, the ideal expected results could be achieved.
Must be in harvard style or API style
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That's all. If you have any questions or any request for other tips, do email me at / just leave a comment in this entry.

Thank you. All the best.

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