Habits to increase / maintain higher G.P.A.


I'm in the end of second week of my final semester in UniKL MICET. Therefore, I'm trying to maintain or gear up my academic performance so that it will end in a good note here. People who are close with me knew that I'm the type of girl who love to read all the motivational posts and tips that could boost up my confidence. Here I would like to summarize all the tips I've read from studyblr and apply it during my 4th sem degree. 

So, let's us start a very straightforward plan for achieving my goals. No one could predict the future but if I follow this plan, I might can accomplish more than I would with DISCIPLINE AND DETERMINATION.

1. Determine and focus one 1 or 2 goals

Now, in week 2, I've figured out on how I spending time each week (with three days straight RCC meeting ) , I figured out my major goal this semester. Usually it's hardest part because choosing just one or two big goals requires extreme focus and connection to purpose.

But it is important to stick to 1-2 goals as it would take an entire year to accomplish. If I manage to accomplish it, then I'll feel like I had a very successful year.

Example : 

  • Successfully G.P.A. 3.75 for my 4th semester
  • Lose 6 kilogrammes
  • Get into UQ 
  • Learn how to improve management skills
  • Save for a new laptop 
Based on what I really want to accomplish, ( where your priority is , choose 1 or 2 goals to focus on for the rest of the year.) It might be unreasonable but don't be too unreasonable. 

2. Create mini-week goals

As not everyone alert about this, your effort during weekly habits determine your results. Now, you should ask yourself what systems can you put in place to generate the results and what systems contributing to bad results.

Habits that generate bad result
  • Using social media too often throughout the day
  • Taking too many meetings during the week
  • Doing notes that aren't significant ( not helping)
Strategies to eradicate the issues above
  • Block social media websites during certain hours by using distraction blocking apps
  • Only set weekly meeting on Monday and Tuesday, if it doesnt fit into other person's schedule, push it to following week. 
Mini goals should not take longer than a week to accomplish. Essentially, mini goals are used to ensure manageable weekly chunks.

  • Week 1 : Summary of chapter 1 heat transfer
  • Week 2 : Compilations of solution for problems in chapter 1
  • Week 3 : Rapid test and quizes
So, you don't have to cramp all this in your head at the last minute hour before tests or exams.

3. Do your daily planning.

People always mock me whenever I always plan myself, even when I will wash my clothes.
Don't you know " You have to plan on your own success"

If you don't break it down to what you'll do every day, then there's no way you'll accomplish your weekly, big goals. Basically, if you don't plan daily, you will either going to own your day, or your day will own you. I see an enormous difference in my own productivity when I plan it thoroughly or just wing it. 

but remember, your daily plan need to go hand-in-hand with the strategies implemented to actively avoid time-wasting triggers.

4. Mentality

Keep in your head why are you doing all those three. Remember, if your weekly goal, you need to study everyday, it is because you RETAIN information BETTER if you constantly revise it. 
  • Study everyday to retain information better
  • Try to do more than asked. Just because there is no assignment, or class just begin, doesn't mean you can't practice or learn more.
  • Take class seriously. Your tuition fees is expensive so there is no right to skip or to daydreaming in the class
  • Find your tutor or study group. You can practice with other people to decrease consumption time and help each other out. Don't wait until it's too late.

And my last words are, remember your priority.

Plan wisely according to your priority. Don't choose what is fun, but choose what is good for you. 
It's for your own benefit, not others.

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