Finally Q's ended ( 4th Semester of Diploma )

Assalamualaikum w.b.t.

I've always do this one type of habit which is unusual to my friends. Every time I received my grades for each semester, I will post it into my blog and shares some new tips to keep up the results. 

So Alhamdulillah it's already three days since I received my 4th semester examinations results. Once again, Nur Aneesa managed to secure her C.G.P.A. up to her father and mother's expectations. InshaAllah, Allah will blessed my diligence and efforts to secure the best. Thank you to all industrious lecturers in UniKL MICET and friends for ensuring my success for this semester. May Allah Bless us till Jannah.

One of the famous blogger;  Maria Elena  said in her post that 'Knowledge should humble you'. "Modesty is not only shown by what you wear and how you act but with your knowledge too. It is our responsibility to berdakwah, but it is not necessary to debate"

To be honest, I'm upset with the results of semester; others results. Some people might think "Woah, Neesa surely happy with her results' Yes, I do. But I'm hoping that others are happy with their result just like I did with mine. Surely, we need to do well together next semester. InshaAllah.

With this results of semester, I'm motivated to help my juniors and my friends to increase their C.G.P.A for next semester. I'm planning to create a P.A.S.S group (Peer Assistant Study group *credit to NabilRoslizar) in UniKL MICET that might help 3 people in each group to increase the academic grades. People might expect that the Peer Assistant is an excellence students but we're looking for people that sincerely want to help friends. I expect for friends out there to sign up for this PASS group okay :)

Now I'm all good to continue my next entry. I know that Allah has a better plan for me in future ahead. I should try harder in future to fulfill my expectations in getting C.G.P.A. 3.99 for this Diploma semester years. 

See you again people

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  1. salam ,nak tanya sikit. report ni valid utk semua lab ke? sbb kalau dulu , every subject lain2 technique nya. ke saya yang silap eh?