5 Tips To Do During Study Week.


Exams are the stressful part in each of the student's life. As I am in my own study week, I want to share with all of you the tips that might help you guys. 

First step, create a TIMETABLE

Budget your time wisely, man. Provide time too for resting, or either going for an outing. Hehe. I already provide Friday for an outing with my friends.

Rewrite notes to aid memory.

I am a girl that can't memorize by reading a fact. I must rewrite it and then memorize. 

Find the right hours.

Don't study when you're tired and sleepy. Find the right hours.

Choose good surrounding.

How did you study best? In a quiet place or where? Hmm, for me, I love to study at a clean, not so quiet surrounding. But then the place cannot be too noisy cause it can distract my memory.

Take a break.

When you have a trouble in studying, you need to take a break. For me, whenever I need a break, I will take a nap or dancing around with a song. Seriously. Or either I will cook and eat or watching movies or chatting with friends. But then, please avoid procrastination as procrastination is a thief of time.

That's all. I hope that you and I will follow the tips. So right now, I'm going to continue to plan my study timetable before tomorrow begin. 

Bye guys. Happy Studying. Credit to : www.wikihow.com 

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  1. Nice! Thanks Neesa. All the best for ur exams. Doakan i juga ;) Oh btw, coolio pics, COMEL SANGAT

    1. Sama sama. Hopefully kita dapat maintain sama sama 4.00 :) You lagi comel

  2. I think I don't need any COMEL2, hahaha. A very good luck in your exam. Just do the best you can and leave the rest to the Creator. Peace ^_^