Body Insecures

Assalamualaikum w.b.t.

Nearly everyone or specifically among the girls felt insecure about their bodies. While you girls may feel you are too fat, someone else may be feeling they're underweight. Or perhaps you have chubby face or concave face. The reason why people feel insecure about their body, appearance , it is because, well, people. SOCIETY.

The society kills many people. I mean it. Because they're so many suicide made by the teenagers nowadays just because the society keep on telling them. "Oh you are so so fat", "You shouldn't be friend with us. Cause you're not like us" and etc. The society nowadays almost that all the human should be a perfect ones, which is like shown in the television and movies. From a very early age kids are bombarded with media advertising on TV, magazines and now the internet that practically tells them to look like the models, film stars and etc. It is not surprising that many grown ups (the girls especially) feel insecure bout their bodies.

But then nature is not perfect. Everyone body is beautiful in their own way. Doesn't mean if you have thigh gap, slim body means that you're the perfect girl or maybe beautiful. Beautiful is a subjective so please love your own body. 

If you find yourself in this insecure, please learn to adore your own body. Yes. I want you to love every single inch of your body. Look beyond the flaws and adore every parts of your body. Drink in every inch until you can appreciate not only what your body can do for you but each fold, wrinkle, scar, mark or imperfection because that is what makes you magnificently unique and amazingly beautiful.

Take note of this people. Don't too think of what people think. Think what do you think of your own body. 

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  1. I totally agree with this. Girls don't have to diet or something just to attract boys bcoz she herself will someday be a man's most beautiful woman in his life. It's not my quote but it's just a fact 😊

    1. Totally. But then there's so many girls out there yang insecure sampai ada yang tahap menakutkan diet mereka. Kadang2 dieorg bukannya besar mana pun -.-