Strangers. Best Friends. Strangers again


He once said to me, 'I'm your comforting pillow. I will stand rigorously by your side. I will always stand up for me. and bla bla bla' . 

I took a long pause before continue typing this. Three words. I  M I S S  Y O U.

I miss you my dear friend,
I miss your texts,
I miss your jokes,
I miss your smiles,
I miss your eyes,
I miss your words that make me always giggle,
I miss everything.

It's already two week I felt missing you as two weeks you went far away from me. It's really broke my heart. I thought that I can be stronger even though you kept ignored me as I'm a stranger. But then deep in my heart, I'm sad. I've cried. You said once that, ' I will always cheers you up' but then you're the one who make me cried. 

I thought about the words you've said before. The journey of our friendship and lots of our memories together. You know that I cares about you. You know that I love you my dear friend. But then, why did you changed? What happen? Why you become somebody that I used to know back then. Why are you become the old you. Why.

I thought that we will become a great friends as we have a good chemistry together but then maybe I'm the one who's dreaming 24/7. Maybe Allah doesn't want it to be. 

Now I thought about walking off and tell him, "Go to other person and seek the best buddy that can accompany you in your beautiful journey of life."

"Good bye"

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  1. Be strong dear Aneesa :) He may have reasons for doing so.