Keep it short


Hello. Sharing momentos together right ? Happily ever after is one of every single movie would do so. It's very lame right yeah cause it's not going to be happen in our real life. Currently just finished my unproductive day. But then I'm quite relieved cause I just release my stress by watching Warm Bodies with Shirah and Eyda. It's unexpectedly that watching it with them released my stress cause it didn't work watching alone in my room. Haha. 

Past few days had been challenging days for me. Maybe it's because I've lost my 'comfortable limited edition pillow'. Maybe. Huh. Days by days I tried to be the best among the rest but unfortunately I didn't get to be. My results getting bad days by days. Maybe I'm too comfortable with my current marks. Maybe.

Right now, I'm sure that I'm was the right person to be blamed for the 'beautiful' results, might considering it's my main reason of being stress. So I have to overcome this and try my best to achieve the highest marks I could ever reach. To be the greatest daughter to my beautiful, peaceful family. Who knows, I might be the next greatest engineer in the world. Haha.


Could you guys pray for me? 

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  1. In shaa Allah bole. Just keep calm and do best you can. I'll pray for you k. (AT)