Overcoming Sadness by Stress and Fake Happiness.

Assalamualaikum my dear friends.

Lately, I've been super busy with my lab reports until one day my sweet Sayy sends me a comment to update my blog. Erm, I'm so envy that the doc-to-be always update her life journal which is sadly, I don't.

Well, I can't change my work, my event of life and the consequences of any tragedies happen in my life. And you don't too. I can't change myself too much. I mean, I couldn't change my feelings to people as fast as possible and I don't think I can in 2 years, 3 years time. But then, I can breathe properly and try to live without acknowledge the feelings lingering in my heart. 

Most of us believe that happiness is a mysterious feeling that comes without reason, leaving as inexplicably as it arrived. To be honest, this semester I don't feel that kind of happiness. When I'm feeling I'm lost with that happiness, I tend to be so sad until I think that I can't breathe properly and will lost into my own world. However, I've discovered that I can overcome it with stress of workload in MICET and with my 'fake ' happiness. I tend to make some 'fake' happiness by telling jokes to my friends, wandering alone in MICET and try to inhale the green scenery at the university. It might help me a little bit but the important thing is it helps :) 

But somehow I reminisces that not all I did this semester is good for me. As example, I tend to be so angry-Neesa to someone which I really love. It sound so stupid, don't you think? Well, there's a reason why did I done it in the first place. 

I thought that if I became an angry-Neesa, I could DELETE all my good feelings and vibe towards that person however man, I'm wrong. I'm becoming more guilty. "Happiness is, in fact, living with a sense of fulfillment and peace. It is a belief in the fundamental goodness of people, in the value of compassion, a policy of kindness, and a sense of unity among all living beings. All beings seek happiness and act to avoid pain. Everyone is looking for something better. Happiness can be achieved by a proactive attitude to improving the happiness quotient." We can train the mind to be happy—it is an achievable goal. I can see people in distress and conclude that the most one can hope for is the transformation of despair into common unhappiness.

I didn't mean to break your heart, and to make you angry.
I didn't mean to break my own heart and make my own self cry every Thursday.

Just put on a peace and smiles :)

P.s : Please pray for my 7 tests and 1 quiz next week. Love you all always. 

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  1. Assalamualaikum Baby Neesa :D Haha, aww thanks for the title 'sweet', haha. Neesa, I know life is hard, lebih lebih lagi bila kita kat kolej kan, surrounded by all those matured people, haha =.= but I know despite all those hectic life yada yada in college, u can find some time to get out from those hectic scene and live life :) I'm advising myself too, despite all those workloads, lectures etc, find some time to make ourselves happy :) btw, i updated my blog lately ni pun sebab i tengah cuti, nnti masuk upm balik, dah start busy, with class 8am-5pm macam org kerja, haha. oh yes, all the best dear for ur tests and quiz. I know u'll ace it :D love u lots Neesaaaaa. Muahh haha.