Plain texts.

2 weeks passed and I'm almost in my third week of  Academic plan Semester 4 January 2015. Well, lots of thing happen during these few weeks. Well briefly, I've attended GEL camp four days before my official first class started. It's fun even though I barely enjoyed the camp as the feeling of anxiety always lingering in my heart. However I hope that the camp is my stepping stone in becoming a better person, leader in future. 

People from university might think that I'm one of the best student in their university. But then, I recognize that I'm not as the way they describe me. I'm lack of leadership, critical thinking and i'm so selfish in my own way. The camp absolutely made me realize it is important to improve your inner self rather than bragging like a boss and didn't contribute to the nation. Act first, Talk later. Don't talk rubbish and please act the way you talk. 

Somehow I'm so glad that I went to the camp. I finally move on from my previous relationship and problems. Mr I once said to me, "Buka hati mengenali orang lain. Then you akan realize there is someone which really suitable with you. And you can just move on without any burden." It's the fact actually. I tend to be so in peace, spending my precious time with motivating my own self to be the best. To be a good person, leader, senior, junior, friend, daughter etc. 

"Single is better than double"

I promise to myself that I'm going to secure 4.00 this semester, improve my soft skills, talk less, eat less. Be humble to others and just be who I am. I shouldn't concern what he's going to talk about me, what he's going to do with his life. He's just one of my friend. Well Neesa, you lost one of your sweetheart however make sure you didn't lost your friendship. You need friendship in life. And be good to others. Don't think that you're the best. Hence you need to ask others opinion before act. 

Well, that's all. Love you all.

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