Dare to Dream.

Normally I love to use the talk about dream when it's New Year or either Awal Muharram. But it is nothing with the new me. I am still the same, the old Nur Aneesa. 

Dare? Dare means have the courage to do something
Dream? It is series of thoughts, images, and sensations occurring in a person's mind. 

Yes people. I am asking you guys to dare to dream which means you must have the courage to achieve the thoughts, images and sensation that you always thought of. A friend of mine always talk that I am insane as I dare to dream the things that unusual to the students to achieve. Yes. I am a dream lovers and I dare to dream high because I always believe that failure is not an option for me.

Seven steps that I always use in order to achieve my dreams

1. Dare to dream and decide what I want.
2. Write it down and the dateline.
3. Determine the skills, ability I needed so that the dream can be achieve.
4. Determine the obstacle that might appear.
5. Determine the people (seniors,lecturers) so that if you requires help, they are always         there for you
6. Make a detail plan. What is needed ?
7. Do something everyday to move forward to your goal.

Other people always make me a laughing stocks as I always take everything seriously but I doesn't care at all. What is important is I know that I am always ready with any consequences and I believe I can achieve my dream.

I want to create my own personal success in life and dare to dream big dreams! Every great achievement begin with a vision and it is my life purpose to seize the big day and just do my best! "Leap and the net will appear at the end!"

1. UniKL's best students
2. CGPA 3.90 and above
3. be one of the Student Representative Council
4. spontaneous student
5. amazing bowlers
6. Pursue my studies at University of Sheffield
7. Highly demand process engineer
8. An engineer as my husband *
9. Work overseas
10. be amazing daughter, wife and mother.

That's all.

By the way,  I hope that for January 2014 semester I get GPA 4.00. Keep my finger crossed! 

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  1. Ececeh, specific betul profession bakal suami u. Hahah. Anyway all the best dare-dreamer ;)

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