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In the Universiti Kuala Lumpur MICET, I studied Chemical Engineering Process. Among my friends, this field did not have same appeal such as other field because of I'm taking Diploma first instead of Foundation which is take shorter time to pursue to Degree.

However from time to time, I discover more and how much fortunate I am by applying and studying this field.

I want to study Chemical Process. But why there are so many people applying Chemical Process other than the other Chemical courses?

As I know, the lecturers once said, the Diploma / Degree holder of Chemical Process could manage to every part which are Environment, Polymer, Food and Bio Process because the process student will learn everything basic about the other courses. I think this is one of the factor people choose to take this course. Other reasons will be stated in the next question.

Should someone who take Chemical Polymer change their courses to Chemical Process because of the advantages to work in Oil & Gases?

As I aware from the lecturers, they told me that yes, people who graduated in Diploma/Degree Chemical Process will have a bright future to work in Oil & Gases. But then, other courses also have the same opportunities. For example, Chemical Environment student will have the future to work in Oil & Gases company as their Environment Engineer, Chemical Food students are needed in Food Industry, Chemical Polymer are required in Polymer Industry. We can't predict the future. Maybe in the next ten years, Chemical Polymer will be on demand, don't you think so ? 

*Chemical Polymer is the second field on demand in industrial sector.

Chemical Environment instead of others ?

I am sorry people. I am not so into this field.

Any inquiries, you may ask help from this guy. He's graduated as Chemical Polymer and he's one of best student in Uni Kl MICET. cc: Syahiran

One of my favourite advice from Mr. Aiman

"You might see the need before they do, and you step up to fulfill it, despite the probable reality that you are not going to get paid as handsomely as the "popular jobs" and that you are treading into an uncharted territory.

But doesn’t that make it more interesting? It is like conquering a mountain no one else has ever climbed before. That is awesome. On top of that, there will be less competition."

Talk about a golden opportunity guys! 

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