Assalamualaikum everyone! In celebration of my pathway for university decisions (congratulations to my dear batch mates!!), I’m beginning my “Bachelor Studies” series. Although this is written from various  studyblr and blogs as well as my experience in UNIKL MICET, I hope this is helpful for anyone starting their new journey!

I've cruised through my diploma years with studying very well but mostly people said that I will struggle in my bachelor years as it is so much harder than diploma. I've to be prepared to be rocked by my first semester; personally I'm scared if I've to lowered my academic standards for myself. "Easy A" wouldn't longer term that I can use; I think in future. However, it doesn't mean that academic excellence is impossible to achieve. Brother Nadly Aizat, both of my best friends showed us that G.P.A. 3.9 and above (even G.P.A. 4.00 despite all those tight schedule and competition etc.) is possible to achieve in your first semester of bachelor engineering in UNIKL.

Usually time will pass so quickly. Basically, you will think that it's just your first week or semester, and then the deadlines of assignments, tests can easily slip through the cracks. No matter what you do or what you use, a planner is essential. Right now I'm using Sarah's gift; a Typo planner. It has calendar so I can look over and see what is due or my deadlines and exams.

Usually students doesn't purchase textbook because they think that it's sufficient by using lecturers' notes. However, personally it is advantages for me to have textbooks because sometimes the type of question for examination would be similar with the one in the book. If you're looking for book, you could ask for second hand textbooks from seniors or search PDFs online. Trust me.

 Usually I join organisations that I have an actual interest in, not things that I think it will help me to get a job in future. As example, bowling club. As I've truly passionate about a club, chances are, i will rise through the ranks and learn real leadership and work. I joined an organisation, thinking it would look good but I quit within a few weeks because it bored me so much. That being said, find seniors in organisation who can act as mentors. Many of them can refer you to internships and job opportunities and they will give you relevant and helpful advice on classes and mini projects. Credit to Abang Zarif Anuar and Afiq Ezamy.

Start prepping for finals two or three weeks in advance. Do not take study week for granted as if you spend your time well, you won't end up cramming in the library in the last two days like everyone else. You'll get chance to sleep than cramming, so you get a full night rest. During exams day, bring water and extra sweets to stay awake during examinations.

I hope that new 'Aneesa' will excel in her Bachelor degree. Dream big! C.G.P.A.
4.00 in her first semester, maybe? InshaAllah. Cross fingers! 


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  1. yes, textbooks are crucial. alhamdulillah the textbooks that I need are mostly available in the university library. and I choose the ones recommended by lecturers. Use anything the lecturer uses, it helps.

    I also agree that you can build soft skills easily through extracurricular activities that suit your personal interests. But doing something that involves your academic fields is also important, you'd be able to see the particular industry in a whole different perspective, not being dependent merely on the theories you learn in class :)