Missing someone ?

All of us will miss someone. Whether that someone is died, a best friend that live far away, best friend, guy or girl who broke your heart, someone who walked out of your life, etc. Today post consists of pictures, quotes centered around that topic of missing someone. *nowplaying: Moon River by Andy Williams

There is always one question popped on my mind whenever I miss someone. "Is it because I like that person, she/he is someone that I dearly attached to or maybe it is just an infatuation?" I keep fighting with mind that I shouldn't bothered missing my friend because there are in their critical academic weeks, Week 12, which is a week of submission of all mini project, etc. However sometimes I also miss people I hate, people I fight all the time but I miss them when they are not around.

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The reason why I'm upset with my beloved girlfriends
Some of people said that it is worst feeling to miss someone but in my opinion, I totally disagree. I feel missing someone is bittersweet and it is good for both friendship and relationship. I am sure enjoying myself reminisce old memories, golden moment we spend with each other throughout friendship years. Usually even with someone who i've bad blood with, I always remember all good times instead of bad times I spend with that person. I always try my best to cherish the good moments and it will surely cheer up my whole day.

Yesterday, I talked to my friend about Charles, Amir and my semester 4 memories. Surely missing all my beloved classmates.

Missing everyone.

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