Dear students

Dear students of UniKL MICET,

I’m writing this open letter to the students because I really want you guys to hear how strongly I believe that UniKL MICET’s graduates have the ability to go far in life, and that I believe by active in both academic and extracurricular activities will help you get there.

I’m concerned since I understand that some students feel that co-curricular is a waste of time. However, in order to secure jobs or applying scholarship, these academic and extracurricular are very important to students. All of us know that when you put your mind and effort to it, assignment is pretty easy for students. However, for some reason, you guys often decide you just don’t want to do it.

Last 22nd October, I’ve been awarded President’s Award in conjunction with UniKL 13th Convocation. My secret of success to achieve C.G.P.A of 3.99 during my diploma years is by practising these tips. Firstly in order to achieve good academic achievement is you must set goals. Research shows that people who set goals accomplish more than those who do not. In deciding your goals, ask yourself “What do I want to be?” and “What do I do to get there?” Besides, you must be motivated. When you are motivated you will have a strong desire to do well and to achieve your goals. In addition, you must pay attention in class. Listen actively and focus on what the teacher is teaching. If you have disruptive classmates, sit in front of the classroom, away from them. Always ask questions if you do not understand. Seek clarifications from your teachers or your friends if you are shy to approach the former. Another important tip to being a successful student is to be organised. You can use a planner or notebook to write down all your assignments when they are given. This way you will not forget your homework, dates of tests or projects. Remember, if you are organised you will be well- prepared and you will have less stress. Moreover, you must prepare well for exams. A successful student is one who prepares for exams well in advance, and not at the eleventh hour. If you study consistently, you will have ample time for revision.

Friends, to be a successful student you must have diverse interests. You should take part in co-curricular activities in order to become a well-rounded person. These activities help develop leadership skills and teamwork besides instilling values like cooperation and tolerance. Discipline is an important aspect of our lives. No matter where you go or what you do, you will be subjected to rules and regulations. Hence, it is crucial that you obey the university rules.

Graduating from UniKL MICET is going to open a lot of doors for you in life – for work and for further studies etc. I hope that all of you make a decision to finish this semester with excellent academic and club activities and approach next semester with a positive attitude.

Everyone is very smart. It would be sad both for you and for others in your life if you chose not to use all the “smarts” that you do have.


Nur Aneesa Abdul Halim
Diploma in Chemical Engineering Technology (Process)
President’s Award recipient 2016

Nur Aneesa Abdul Halim

With Chancellor's Award recipient, Siti Sarah Shamsul Anuar and Council's Award (Diploma) Ahmad Afiq Ahmad Zaki

President's Award recipients (Degree) from UniKL MICET, Hafizi

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