How to get motivated ?

Envy with our seniors graduated with First Class Honours? Who isn't when they have bigger opportunity to secure jobs. I really admire them because in my working environment, most of them are JPA scholars, Petronas scholar and MARA spc. I'm very sure they struggle a lot during their study years in order to secure good jobs ( and for sure great $$$).

Everything starts with a single step. My first step is in university of course.

1. The motivational power of having a goal!

A very powerful motivational technique  is to set well-thought-out goals and objectives. These aims could be either short-term goals (e.g. about an upcoming exam) or long-term goals (e.g. about the achievements you want to reach during your studies in the university). My very own first long-term goal during my diploma years is to achieve all kill 4.00. It's true! 

Objectives and aims are one of the best sources of motivation, as they will keep you focused and enable you to “do whatever it takes” to accomplish your goals. Furthermore, cleverly chosen objectives will inspire you to greater heights, allowing you to reach your true potential. A very positive side-effect of an excellent goal is that it will drastically increase your perseverance.
Important tips for goal setting:
  • #1 Write your goals down
  • #2 Avoid vagueness, negations and necessities
  • #3 Split complex goals into main targets and sub-goals
  • #4 State how you intent to achieve your goal
  • #5 Visualize the accomplishment of your objective and what it feels like
  • #6 Gratification: reward yourself once the goal is reached
 For more details and an in-depth explanation on the above named aspects of the best goal setting strategies, visit How to set goals effectively? 

2. Just do it & start studying 

I know that whenever weekends, you feel lack of motivation to get started with studying when there are a dozen other activities that sound by far more interesting than studying. Kdrama sounds so interesting right now haha. I did that most during my final semester in Micet -,- 

The simple trick to overcome this dilemma is to just get going. Start studying, no matter what. “Boost” yourself to get started with studying, no matter if you feel tired or if the teaching material isn’t interesting at all. You might have to force yourself, but it is worth it. 

“It doesn’t matter where you go, as long as you get going.”  

Remember. If you didn't do it, you will not achieve your goals. Absolutely NOT.  

Important tips to just get started with studying: 

  • #1Force” yourself to do 15- 20 minutes of studying for now
  • #2 Don’t agonize yourself by picturing the alternatives to studying
  • #3 Try not to procrastinate.
  • #4 The more you focus on your task, the faster you’re finished
  • #5 Imagine the negative consequences of prolonging studying
  • #6 If you’re tired, get up and jump on the spot, take a shower (or the like)
  • #7 Prevent distractions (TV, internet, email, telephone, smartphone)
Thank you Planet of Success for the tips and words. It's so good.

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