Triple Happiness

Fara Amina once wrote that " The friend you make during your college days are the friends you keep for the long run. They are the friends that you ask to have lunch with when you're busy working, the friends you invite for your son's birthday, the friends you turn to when you have family problems." But I'm not only hangout with my peer friends; she was my lecturer in UniKL MICET.

In the beginning, I was never the 'gang' or clique type when it comes to friendship. Even in my previous school, I prefer couple as best friend. The one that I can look directly into that person's eyes. The one that make me feel more comfortable spilling my thoughts and someone that I feel more trustworthy than a group of maybe frenemy.

But that is not the main point of my story today. Triple Happiness happened during my first month of 2016 whereby :

1.Penang Outing!

15 January to 17 January 2016

- The day has finally arrived when our Shrek family would have the chance to explore Penang on our own. For the most part of our vacation, we spent our precious moment with scrumptious foods and gigantic malls in Penang. (*Madam NA's fav: Pandora!) As mentioned earlier, the members of Shrek's Family are Madam NA as Granny, Husnina as Mummy Fiona, Haziq as Shrek , Azri and myself as the children of the Shrek's. We decided early on that we wanted to take our 3 days in Penang slow and steady because the main reason of the vacation is to relax, clearing the mind and not to rush either. It is because we spent the last semester with thousands loads of work and stress. At the end of the vacation we realized that there was much to see in Penang that we wouldn't have the chance to experience during the 3 days.

2. Results' Day

22 January 2016

- Alhamdulillah. This is the day of my final result for semester as Diploma Student. Allah has granted my wishes to obtain all 4.00 in my diploma years. Even though, I have one semester without the number four, but all my praises to Allah. It is not an easy task to manage perfect score but I've proved that nothing is impossible. As long as we dare to dream and struggle to achieve it; InshaAllah we will achieve it.

3. Internship

25 January - 13 May 2016

- As the requirement of Diploma is to have an internship for 16 weeks, here I am currently having my internship months with Petronas Penapisan Melaka. Hopefully, I'll gain knowledge and experience as much as I can.

That's all. Couldn't write too long as I have lots of homeworks given by my supervisor.

Lots of love,
Nur Aneesa

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