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Article: Study Loan
Written by: Ahmad Muzammil Idris
Edited by: Nur Aneesa Abdul Halim
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This week, timeline of social medias such as Facebook and twitter are full of MARA eduloan news and rumors. Those are still uncertain as it comes from students and not from the authorities. While still on semester leave and enjoying your holiday ( ie. Waiting for last semester results), you may find some alternatives, other scholarships or funding just as a back up plan.

I have big time as well during my diploma course to find a good funding body, but I ended up with PTPTN. So I have a few suggestions and this is a list of a few bodies that are offering scholarships, funding or education loan, other than MARA.

1)State Government Funding.

State government throughout Malaysia has different types of funding and some even are offering scholarships ! These are a few state that are offering scholarships

- Penang

For a Full time undergraduate degree, be it you are from Higher Education Institute or Public & Private Universities (IPTA & IPTS) in Malaysia. Sponsored Discipline - Courses MQA accredited courses in Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics (STEM) and Accountancy

Eligibility Criteria

  1. Minimum C.G.P.A. 3.0 in STPM/ Foundation / Matriculation / Diploma & equivalent;
  2. Or, currently pursuing undergraduate course in Malaysia IPT with minimum C.G.P.A. 3.0 maintained for 1 preceding academic year
  3. Malaysian 25 years or younger
  4. Household income not more than RM15,000 per month 
 (equiv. to RM180,000 annualized)


  1. Penangite or studied in Penang.
  2. Academic achievements
  3. Good cognitive skills (leadership, communication, teamwork)

Scholarship Award

1. Subsistence allowance

RM1,000 per month
Pay out quarterly

2. Tuition fee (entire course)

Actual fee not exceeding RM100,000
Direct payment to IHL or by reimbursement

Award only takes effect upon execution of scholarship agreement and does not cover retrospective fee/subsistence allowance incurred by scholar


1. Penangite or studied in Penang
2. Academic achievements
3. Good cognitive skills , ie. leadership, communication, teamwork
4. Recipient of state/national/internationa level prize/award; both academic and non-academic

Service Bond

1. To work in Penang in any organization of own choice
2. Bond period based on value of Tuition Fee sponsored (subsistence allowance not included); one year of service for every RM20,000. Minimum is one year service bond
For application and more info:

 - Wilayah persekutuan, KL

1. Biasiswa Yayasan Wilayah Persekutuan 2016

Scholarship Info 

Biasiswa Yayasan Wilayah Persekutuan is offered to those who are born in the Federal Territory and are in need of financial aid. Candidates who are pursuing a Bachelor's degree in local universities are encouraged to apply.

Deadline - Feb 05, 2016


  1. Malaysian citizen
  2. Born and raised in the Federal Territory (KL, Putrajaya, Labuan)
  3. Family's total monthly income not more than RM1,000
  4. Obtained at least 5As in SPM and passed all subjects
  5. Obtained a minimum CGPA of 3.00 and passed all subjects for STPM, matriculation, foundation, pre-university, or diploma
  6. Pursuing undergraduate studies in the first semester
  7. Do not receive any other scholarships or financial aids
  8. Preferred Discipline
  • Law
  • Accountancy
  • Engineering
  • Computer Science and Technology
  • Economy
  • Business administration
  • Applied science
  • Social science
How to Apply
Application Form

  • Make sure that the form is filled correctly using pens and in CAPITAL LETTERS.
  • Attach your latest passport picture.
  • Copies of documents that are certified by a Gred A Government Officer :
  1. Birth certificate
  2. Your parents' identification card
  3. Guardian's payment slip
  4. Your offer letter..
  5. Your academic certificates/transcripts for SPM, STPM,matriculation, foundation, pre-university, or diploma
  6. Please write 'Skim Biasiswa Pengajian Tinggi' at the upper left corner of the envelope and mail it to the following address:
Yayasan Wilayah PersekutuanTingkat 11, Menara DBKL 3,
Bandar Wawasan, Jalan RAja Abdullah,
50300, Kuala Lumpur.
Contact Info
For any inquiries, contact this number 03-2698 3073

Other than stated states gov scholarships above, you may check on your own state that is not listed here. Usually, different states will come with different funding or scholarship criteria. While these listed options below are loans that are currently available for higher education.



You may search on further, scholarship by corporates and Government Linked Companies (GLC). Happy searching ! 

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