Ditch Night Owl and Be an Early Riser

Ask any people what they value most after a tiring day and sleep would be probably one of them. To be honest, it is what I would do most. However there are control limit that should we complied. 

In the past, I was consistently a late riser. One of the reason is because of oversleeping. The only time I ever woke up early were when I absolutely have exams or my dad was screaming at my ears. Even then, I would wake at very last minute, rush out and would end up left some things at home. I still remember in MRSM that I will always late on Friday which led Nur Aneesa to wear crumple baju kurung to class or on Saturday, I would have those red eyes to prep class. And during the weekend or holidays, I only wake up around 12.30 p.m. and onward.

I used to find it weird when people sleep before 12 and end up wake up for Subuh and then will be so energized throughout the day. Mean while, I would wake up at 10 onward and feel sleepy at 3 p.m. Why would people do that?

A night owl seems familiar to the youngsters however, we have to plan our sleep because we need energy for the next day. We need to be productive. So I have to do some trial before practice to wake early. 

I realized waking up early is so difficult for many because it’s a holistic lifestyle change, beyond just changing your waking time. Many times, my attempts would be thwarted because I slept in late the day before, which happened because I was either doing my work, was on the phone with a friend, watching YouTube etc.But I never stopped trying. Whenever my plans to wake up early got shredded, it meant I needed to improvise them. I could have easily given up and reverted to my normal sleeping routine, but then I would never have known how things would be different taking early. I had to give this habit a fair chance. So each time, I would look into what led me to wake up late. Then I would make changes to my lifestyle accordingly. Gradually, waking early became easier and easier. It became a natural act.

The main reason of wake up early just not because of my health. Besides, it is for the spiritual effects as Allah love those who wake up early and perform solat and probably rezeki will increases if we didn't sleep after Subuh. To an extent, I find that my health and spirituality are interconnected. 

Hopefully that everyone sleep early and wake up early.

Lots of love,
Nur Aneesa 
*Final Examinations September 2015 
4.00 InshaAllah 

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