Our Lecturers Deserve More Respect

Since I was in MRSM TGB to the end of my diploma years, this topic has been the one of frequent topics  among the educators and students. But yesterday, I've been forced to wonder the huge impact that my fellow juniors or seniors 's attitude did to one of my favourite lecturer and myself too.  Within seconds, the news of UniKL Confessions turned my mind upside down and my perceptions has never been the same again.

From my experience being educated in one of the best school in Malaysia (MRSM TGB), I've learned that educators throughout the country face a wide range of professional and social demands. In UniKL MICET for example, the lecturers have to fulfil the constantly changes of requirements for the syllabus of each subjects. These includes teaching materials for specific exams that are to be taken, creating syllabus that are comply with the prerequisites for the course, managing students' behaviour plus the management demands. 

Educators; Lecturers and Teachers are human being. They had to face the unannounced quality reviews, observation, comments and reports. These reviews capture that usually put the educators in a hard spot where they are accused of not teaching well even though they are the best lecturers for the subject. 

In MRSM TGB, teachers are struggling to prepare SPM students for tests, tutorials for each month. Teachers have to figure out on how to change their lessons so that their students can adapt with content and increase the number of A's student plus decrease the number of lower grade student.  They have to deal with the students' individual learning needs and priorities. 

Since I am from MRSM TGB, which houses the greatest students which achieves outstanding SPM results achievement every year. We always strive to be the young people who succeed on school motto of "We Strive For Infinite Excellence" I still remember that the way we live makes us one. Meaning that my friends and I sleep together, eat together, learn together, pray together. Basically we do everything together. Therefore, each one of us always remind that we need to always respects our teacher and pledge it every single day.

Nowadays students in UniKL MICET tend to take education for granted and didn't always value it whereas  the graduated alumni getting a good education in past is greatly prized. Why best students from UniKL MICET such as Allahyarham Idris Nasaruddin and Zahidah Shariff are treated with the utmost professional respects and love from the lecturers, staffs and fellow juniors? This is because, they succeed in taking the advantage of opportunities provided to them and as results they shared it with the students. They treat and respects the lecturers, staffs and juniors equally and as results they're offered with unconditional love from each one of us. 

Note to myself and my fellow friends,

Please don't give our educators a hard time. Nowadays, students often disrespect teachers and fail their test. Then blame the educators for their failures. Tear up the test sheets as well as curse and talk back to the teachers. Most of the students think that a good teacher is one who allows students to do whatever they want, who turns blind whenever student who are disrespectful, ignorant and disruptive. 

However, in my opinion I believe that a good teacher is one who knows how to control the classroom, is strict when needed, and has the capability to speak up against the students who don't have any interest in learning. An excellent teacher is also someone I can go to, talk about our problems or anything that's on my minds. He or she is able to provide motivation to kids and help them learn to value the education they receive.

 To all my beloved teachers, lecturers and my mom

Cikgu, Sir, Madam, I am a product of SK CONVENT IJ, MRSM MUAR, MRSM TGB and UNIKL MICET. I am everything that I am today because of the commitment of the teachers in my life past and present. I personally want to thank you and tell each one of you how much I appreciate all of you. The extra time you put into your work, the extra money you contribute for our tutorial supplies and extra mile you go to make sure a child succeeds does not go unnoticed. You are my rock stars and real heroes. Thank you. I love you.

 Ask this question to yourself

Who I am tomorrow is dependent on the youth of today.  If the message we send to them is that they are not important or they're not good enough,  what message will they have for us? What happen to ourselves in future? 

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