Here's some random words 

Before this, I once said that
"Don't break my heart before I give it to you"
"Don't tell me no before i ask you to"
"Don't say we doesn't fit before we try it on"
There's too much to lose to be wrong.

But then, 
It feels like there's something here,
but i want see it before it disappears
and if there something real between me and you
well are we both open to this possibilities.

It's disappear so early,
So fast that I couldn't grasp some memories,
It's so heart broken as I couldn't defend my decisions.

It's so unfair. 

Next time,
Don't give me hope if there's nothing to this
Don't let me in if you're not there
What I'm feeling doesn't happen everyday, every month or every year
so baby please play me fair.

Don't you feel my heart beating?
Don't you understand?
Don't you feel the same?

Am I only dreaming?
Of instinct you're feeling the same like I do.
I believe that we're meant to be
Don't you feel the same?

What I'm hoping right now,
it you to keep this eternal flame forever,
what am I really hoping for,
is the words you still loving me after all these while.
baby please.

I may look so desperate,
however, I'm a Cancer's baby,
Miss Yellow.

-Nur Aneesa Abdul Halim-
11.53 p.m.

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