2014 Resolution!

Assalamualaikum w.b.t. 

A big hello to everyone. Happy New Year. Starting the chapter of 2014 , page 2 out of 365 pages. *fireworks. Haha. Do you guys enjoyed the NYE's celebrations? I guess yes because they're so many people updating bout their own celebrations. How bout me? I'm just sitting on my bed, in the hostel, reading books. 

2014, I am unofficially 19, which is not a good news as there's only one year more before getting into my 20's. Oh My God. So this could be my final year of being a teenager. So what is my resolution of 2014? I have lots of plan this year and I hope that Allah will ease every single of my journey in the year of 2014. 

4,00 for my GPA Semester 3 and 4.

Of course, as usual. My aims for every single year is to get the good grades and pointer. But then, I'm aiming for the best. 4.00 is not impossible but possible. I believe in myself. Study hard + Pray hard = 4.00 with Allah's will.

Have a perfect wardrobe full of new blouses, skirts and blouses.

I never make a resolution like this but then since I have my own pocket money given by MARA, I'm going to buy new clothes that can cover up my body, my chest as the specification stated in the Al Quran. 

 Be happy always.

I'm a kind of soft heart girl, so I'm kinda hope that this year, I'm not going to be too emotional. Pity on my boy friends and girl friends for having me as their friends. Pity Mira, Soly and Aima for being my punchbag. 

At the end of my 2013, I ate SR with my girls and boys

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