Overrated Bored Holiday

Assalamualaikum w.b.t.


It's feels so extremely happy and sad and bored and so many and...... So what will I do this three weeks hols? Hmm.. let me thinking yeah *thinking

And guess what. I've planned it during the bored morning at nenek's place.


Of course the first things to do when you don't have any class is to relax yourself mental and physically. As I already had a bunch movies to watch and lots of malay dramas to catch up so I think it is quite enough. 

During my study weeks at Micet, I rarely go out and exercise during my evening as I have lots of class during that time *plus I'm so so lazy. haha. So for this 3 weeks of holidays, I've plan to cycling during evening + jogging around Orna. 2 KM every evening = Good! 


I'm so so a type of student that can't stop studying. I can't stop.... So this hols I will study my incoming subjects. I will do notes for the subject so that whenever I get back into class, it will be as easy as ABC and InsyaAllah I will have more time to help my friends. Btw, how am I going to study when you don't have any books? Thanks Allah for giving me such a good friend like Azri. He gave me his notes for 4 subjects and insyaAllah it will really help me a lot. 

Shopping and Travelling
For next Saturday, maybe I will travel back to Penang alone. Yeah. I really enjoy travelling alone. Without my crazy, loud boys. But it is only for a week. The 3rd week, I'm hoping that I can hangout with my best friend, Acap Terry and maybe bought new things for my new room next sem. *DP has a lots of new shops. Yeay me.

Okay la. It's late and I've rambled on so many aims that maybe I didn't do it all during my hols. Hence, I will stop here with a short note.

Spend your holidays wisely dudes!

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  1. Yeeaaayyy, we'll hang out together next week ;)