The Worst Best Friend


Actually I just finished reading Nurul Farhana's post entitle The Worst Girlfriend. I decide to make a post about the worst best friend which it means about me. I really thought I am the worst best friend as I always experience nightmares about relationship with friends.

Firstly, I DIDN'T BE HONEST. I didn't  honest about my feelings, about my friends' actions, and about how I feel about my friendship. When my friend hurt me, I afraid to talk about it, I feel too shy to open up to my friend about it as I feel that I'm the one who did mistakes. 

Then, I'm one of worst best friend as I think that my friends are USING ME. When I suspects that my friend just using me, or just choose people who is beautiful and smart as friends, then usually I'll drop my friends like a hot potato. Good friendships don't arise from hoping someone else's popularity or networks will rub off on me. If I'm trying to be friends with a person just to be accepted into a certain clique, that's not friendship – it's opportunism – and eventually the shallow nature of my involvement will reveal itself.

I think that I'm not LOYAL cause I did talk behind my friends. Just last week , I do talked about you guys with my roommates  I cried hard that I think that I'm being left out. I think that I'm not pretty, good enough to be friends with you guys who is much better than me.

Sorry cause I'm easy to forgive but usually HARD TO FORGET. I didn't hold a grudge but then it's really broke my heart when you guys hurt me. I've told that I'm a sensitive girl but then you guys didn't looks like understand my feelings. You guys keeps hurting me deep inside my heart. So its takes time to heal. I'm sorry.

Take note my friends : 
  • No one likes an insulting friend, be careful when you tease them! If your friend asks you to stop, heed the request.

I'm sorry my dear friends for my worst behavior. Thank you for being my friend. Thanks for accepting me even though I'm not a good friend. Thanks.

Human makes mistakes. I'm not perfect, I'm sorry

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  1. We can't be perfect, that's for sure. As friends, 'give and take' is important.

    Dear Aneesa, I love being your friend. And yes, I pun baca Susu's post. Haha. I dah agak it inspired this post. Haha.

    Sincerely, toastbread ;)

  2. Hye, nice entry btw. Sorry, kita tak igt la huhu muka familiar. Maybe awak kene remind me mcm mana kita kenal? Hehehe my short-term memory tak kuat :p