Journal One

Name : Nur Aneesa binti Abdul Halim
Class : DIPCJ13
ID : 55101313060
Tittle : My First Experience in UniKL MICET

Hello. I am officially a student of Universiti Kuala Lumpur MICET since almost four months ago. I am taking Diploma in Chemical Engineering Technology Process for two and half years. Currently I am in the second semester as my first semester was a short semester and I managed to get 4.00 for my first semester results. Alhamdulillah I managed to be well here.

June 2013, I packed my bags and left home in the search of the sight and sounds of UniKL MICET. I must admit that I was not expecting a lot, seeing it as a quiet campus. As I was from boarding schools since 13 years old, so this is not my first experience being far from home. Being in UNIKL MICET is a good way of being independent, while also being in safe environment. Although it is quiet far from the havoc city but then it is suitable for me to be focus in my studies. 

The hostel provided is much better than I thought, much better in my previous school. Besides the slow internet connection, I was not happy about that but I will find other solution to overcome the problems. The campus is not like Universiti Teknologi PETRONAS campus but it is alright, even though it looks like a school. There is a nice looking library, which I guess makes up for school-like appearance. The air-conditioning in my class is working, so it is currently extremely cold in the class.

I met new people, made new friends and stuff. I am so fortunate because I found friends that are fun, intelligent, kind hearted and polite. Even though we were just know each other but then it feels like we were known for years. We were keeping hanging around and studied together so that all of us always remind each other to focus in studies. 

I still remembered my first ever class in MICET which is Malaysian Studies Subject. I was flabbergasted that I was given a group assignment at the beginning of the class. The group consist of 7 people who I do not know very well. We were given a task on research of a historical building. We were in high spirits as we managed to get along and completed the assignment with excellence marks.

One of my other biggest experiences in MICET was learning to manage my finance by myself. Before entering the university, I was not aware of spending money as I am just staying with my family. But things are different now. I was given pocket money which is RM50 per week. Actually I am quite fortunate than my other friends because my mother would come once in two weeks to take me for an outing, buying instant foods or toiletries. Managing my own finance make I learn to be prudent and spend my money as conveniently.

It is a bit of cliché to say that MICET broadens my horizons, but I really think that it is true. For me in MICET, not only did I learn academically but I also learnt to be very independent. As for the benefits for my future, MICET’s lecturer has not just teaching me to continue my education, but also has made me become more confident by having me to do things like presentation of my group research. Even I may not feel so at ease during I have to stand up, present in front of my classmates, but I am sure I can improve it day by day in the future. 

I feel grateful entered UniKL MICET as it was my best decision in my life so far. It gives me so much good experiences and chances for me to grow up and become less dependent on parents, meet loads of new friends and learn new things about my future career. 

Insha’Allah. In two years’ time, I will graduate in first class honour in Diploma of Chemical Engineering Process and continue my tertiary education.

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