Journal Two

Name : Nur Aneesa binti Abdul Halim

Class : DIPCJ13
ID : 55101313060
Tittle : My Greatest Moment(s)

It is 9.00 p.m. as I sit in my room, typing my second journal. I should have been helping my friends finishing up their tutorial at the café but they have been going to a talk that been held at the mosque. At 8 a.m. earlier, I had to clean up my three bags as I accidentally spilled milo on it. Not to mention that I am waiting for my dinner that I have ordered to Najwa. 

But this is not a complain journal. Earlier in the morning, I was watching one scene from a movie entitled 17 Again. There is one scene where Mike flashback his talents in playing the basketball in the year of 1989. He said, “That was my greatest moment of life.” which got me thinking what my greatest moment in my life is. One answer found itself in front of my brain and I feel euphoria. 

It is the day that the results for semester 1 exam have been published online. I felt like there was butterflies in my stomach as I am really scared that if I did not obtain good results. Suddenly it is showed that I get 4.00 for the exam. I was dumbfounded and shed tears in joy. I directly call my mother and father as at that time I visited my grandmother who lives in Penang.

When my mother heard about it, she sounds so happy. She advises me to maintain the good results for my second semester as it will be tougher than my first semester. She also offered me present but then I reject it properly. I just need her prayers and courage so that I will do well in my next semester. 

If this is my greatest moment in my life, I do not believe it because the scope of greatest moment is infinite. I know that my success must occur in a similar way to how it did in the past and I am looking forward toward it. I should focus on what success should be, because I have no idea where, when or how my success will manifest in the future, I just know it will.

My greatest moment in my life is just begin and it will be amazing.

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  1. Salam :) Baby Neesa, Sayy just curious, ape beza Journal 1, 2 with the past posts?

    1. Journal 1,2 is the journal I submitted to my english lecturer. Saje je post dlm ni. haha