Finally The Q's ended

Assalamualaikum :)

I'm currently in Micet right now, continuing my second semester of diploma. Alhamdulillah last semester went very well. I guess most of my friends wondered how was my semester result. To be truth, I really expect to get that kind of result. If maybe I didn't get it, I would go crazy girl ah ah. haha. I checked the results right after I had my breakfast and it turns out very well. I screaming happily to my tok and acu. Why? Because I succeed in achieving 4.00 for my semester exams. Alhamdulillah Praised to Allah. 

It is the results that I'm really looking forward to. Right now, it's time to move on and maintain the results for semester 2. InsyaAllah. I'm targetting 4.00 too for this new semester. Although its may be hard for me to maintain but nothing is impossible. I can do it. My friends can too. InsyaAllah.

Doakan untuk Neesa ye rakan rakan.

Much Love.

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