Positive Vibes


Totally one month and half I didn't post out any statements, story, information. It's because of too many assignments yet too little time left. Everything messed up but then I'm glad my test 1 for this semester already over. I'm so lucky. So pity to those who have their test after the holiday. e.g. My room mates. 

There are too many things happened for the past few weeks. Something happy , sad, exciting . But then it was really heart breaking about the mystery of #MH730. There's no good words to describe it. But then we have to always pray for the best for them. May Allah always always Bless them wherever they are.

Back to the main topic. This semester really test my emotions, relationships with my friends, lab reports. Of course there will always have problems with communications among the friends but this is really rare cause it is because of lab reports. But then bear in mind, Neesa. You have to look at it as a challenge and overcome it with the best solution you ever think of.

Positive Vibes ? To think positive, to stay positive, to spread positive. I'm so glad that I have positive vibes remain in my brain, my heart. Most importantly, I have best friends that always spread their positive vibes to me through either Twitter, Whats app. They always remind me to be tough and positive all the time. 

And I really take the advice and everything seems good right now.

Few pictures describe my past few weeks.

Thank you guys for all positive vibes, happy, cheeky funny . Thank you

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