2 Weeks Had Passed


Hey, more time to blogging huh ? Actually I've been two weeks in the university and yet I'm still free to blogging, tweeting, Facebook- ing.   Lab session cancelled, of course. If the lectures didn't cancelled it, I may have no chances to updating the blog. So how's your week people ? Fun ? Exciting ? Mine was relaxing, enjoyable without assignments. 

Even though I stayed in the hostel for the rest of this semester alone, but then I'm glad there are people who cares and love to take me out for dinner, buying food supply etc. It make me feel I'm lovable by them. Thanks guys :)

Btw, starting next week, I'm gonna sell plain wide shawl which is so adorable and affordable. So whoever Micetians who want to see and buy it, you may come to my room B202 or just give me a call at 013 2277306. 

Here's some pictures for the rest of two weeks. 

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