Short Sweet Talks

Assalamualaikum w.b.t

One month already in MICET. And everything seems so perfect. Got many friendly, beautiful, handsome friends accompany me here. And thank God , my study also seems fine. (except Computing). My accommodation here really good even it is same as TGB. Haha. But I didn't mind. Syukur Alhamdulillah for everything yeah. 

As I am excited to gain new knowledge here, I am getting frustrated at my limited ways of myself to memorize all the facts. See I am a SPC student and as a result, I should get almost full mark, or better 100 % for every subjects in order to get CGPA 4.00. Seriously it is higher than my expectation before this but in order to pay back my 'SPM results' , I had to give in 110% courage and focus in every single subjects I study in MICET. 

Ya Allah, even though everything are hard here but then please give me courage to do my best in everything I did. Please let my friendship between my le friends become stronger than ever. We always have fun talking and we shares our life experiences and it was memorable. 

Just a short from me. 
Will update it later.

Much Love,
Nur Aneesa

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