As your voice fades : Cory Monteith

Assalamualaikum w.b.t

The last 24 have been extremely hardly to believe for me. The Glee fandom lost one of their idols and I am shocked by how it has affected me. Truthfully, I am the biggest Cory Monteith fan. Sure he gave me a few laughs here and there as Finn but I am a hardcore Lea Michelle lover all the way. But the text message I received at 11:37AM on July 14, 2013 changed everything.

Reading the words ‘Cory Moneith is dead’ literally turned my blood cold. I thought it might just a fake story. I immediately went on the internet to see how true these words were then I saw it. It was confirmed that a star of Glee had suddenly passed. And I shouted. And I am still disbelieve of that news.

The hurt and sadness I feel right now is truly shocking. Cory Moneith was a talented human being and had so much ahead of him. He was taken away too soon and I can’t imagine the pain his loved ones are going through. Cory’s quick departure from this world made me realize something.

I am currently in university pursuing my passion for chemical engineering process. Though I wish I realized this passion sooner, I am glad I am on the right path. Once I figured out that chemical engineering is what I want to do ‘when I grow up’, I knew that it was meant to be. I just knew that I was going to be just like my idol Abdul Halim Yunus. 

But after SPM, I started having my doubts. My bright future started to look dim because I didn't score strong in Physics and Chemistry. I began think, ‘What am I going to do if I can’t make it to first class honour for grad?’ ‘Am I really capable of understanding all of it?’ So many questions and doubts have been tugging at me and I didn’t have the answers to them.

Glee has changed that. In fact, it is Cory Monteith has changed that. Now I know, more than ever, that my future plans are going to happen. Ryan Murphy gave all of us Gleeks the gift that is Cory. His talent was mesmerizing and as a person, I’ve read nothing but good things by the people who knew him. Cory’s passing made me realize that I want to make the same impact on someone’s life like he has on mine and so many others.

I want to thank Cory Monteith giving me back my passion. He has made me realize that my dreams are still achievable and that I can’t stop believing (sorry, I had to). I pray that his loved ones and fans (and me) can one day think of him without shedding tears of sadness and that we can smile when his face flashes through our minds. I pray that Lea Michele will one day be able to breathe again without a heavy heart because no one deserves the pain of losing their soul mate. And I pray that one day we can all stop asking why and have peace.

Thank you Cory for being honest about the demons you have been fighting because no one is honest these days. I wish I was apart of your fan following because from what I can see, every one of your fans are beyond amazing. You will be truly missed and I will do everything I can to honor your memory through my work.

Rest in peace, Cory Monteith. You will never be forgotten.

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