My Study Plan for 2018


As yesterday I received my previous semester result, I need to be ready with my new study plan in order to increase my current low cgpa.

Therefore today, I'll share my strategic study plan for myself throughout 2018.

Based on Thoughts.Co , strategic plans are tools that many organizations use to keep themselves successful and on track. A strategic plan is a road map for success.

Most strategic plan consists of five elements.

1. Mission statement
Today and in future, I am determine to graduate in the top 10% of my class. My mission is to use my personality to build positive relationships with others and to increase my studious side to increase my grades to A (4.00).

I need to manage my time management and relationships to establish a professional reputation by building my social skills and study skills. New motto : Enrich my life and reach for the stars.

2. Select my goal
Goals; I need to recognize my previous weaknesses and create a defensive strategy in addition to my offensive strategy.

Offensive Goals:
I will set my time in planner to do my assignment.
I will seek help from lecturers or hired a private tutor.
Defensive Goal:
I'll avoid procrastination as procrastination is the thief of time.
I'll less my drama in relationship and that will drain my energy and increase my mental stress.
3. Plan Strategies for Reaching Every Goal 
I'll try to plan for reaching my goal by decide what else might interfere with that and plan around it.
And hopefully I'll be real when I examine my routine and plans.

4. Create objective
Objectives are clear and measurable statements, as opposed to goals, which are essential but indistinct.  Therefore, my objectives are:

example from Mosseryco Planner Instagram

  • I've a planner by PerkyPreen.Co and hopefully I'll write and plan carefully in it every day.
  • Manage the group mini project timeline wise fully.
  • Download my variety shows then watch when it is my break time.
  • Change my learning style as before I was a visual but nowadays it looks like I'm kine-static learner.
5. Evaluate my progress
 I need to always evaluate my progress my having some quiz or recaps of each chapter of my studies for every weekend.

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