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I'm a weirdos. Haha cause it took me so long to write new post even though there's nothing to do at home. I'm still in my semester break but it seems to end already. Another three weeks and I'll start my second year of diploma. 

Sounds crazy to spend holiday just staying home quietly. Other friends might have their own vacations or maybe part time jobs that required them to be so busy but then their pockets will full during the end of the month. But then for my semester break, I just had my first month ( June ) at home, second month which is Ramadhan at Penang and right now my third month in Penang and KL. Everyday just woke up late, watching my best friend (YouTube) and sleep late night. It's really sounds so booooorrrinnngg.

But then something happen during July. Yes. I get to celebrate my early birthday and iftar with my fav person. Got fabulous gift from them, I am so touched that they would come to visit me. As for their gift, it already be my most fav item that I ever had in my belongings. 

Raya August

This year raya isn't not fun as the year before. In fact lagi tak best dari raya time trial or time semester final exam. Maybe it's because of someone ruins my feelings or because my family tak semuanya ada.

My eyebag look worst during at that period. Couldn't even get rid it. 

Whatever happen during that moment, it really teach me to be more matured and think properly before making any decision. Right now I may live in fairy tales as I like watch sweet korean drama and romantic songs from kpop CNBLUE, FT ISLAND, TaeYang and many more. You gonna die of sweetness Neesa.

By the way, whatever happen, I will always love my family, friends, my twin and my studies. Goodbye holiday. Hi university. 

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